This Dude Got a FREE Upgrade to Emriate’s $21,000 First Class Seats! WOW!

YouTube celebrity Casey Neistat lives one heck of a life. If he’s not busy crashing the Met Gala with his GoPro, then he’s off visiting some far-flung destination and hanging with some of the coolest people on the planet.

In fact, Casey recently found himself checking out life in Dubai, one of the most technologically advanced and luxurious cities on the entire planet. Of course, all vacations must come to an end, and Casey eventually had to board a plane to get back to his home in New York City.

It just so happened that Casey booked passage on Emirates, an airline known for taking luxury to the extreme. And, it just so happened that Emirates had heard of Casey Neistat and his millions of YouTube subscribers…


When he got on the plane, Casey was offered a FREE upgrade from his ordinary seat to Emirate’s world-famous first-class seats. (Although, as you’ll see in the VIDEO below, calling them first-class seats really does the whole experience a disservice.)

Though accustomed to some of the finer things in life, Casey wasn’t sure just how much of an upgrade moving to first-class on Emirates was. So, he looked it up.

For the flight that he was on, from Dubai to New York City, a seat in first class was going for an absolutely staggering sum of $21,000!


With a price tag like that, you’d expect more than just a private cabin, wouldn’t you?

Well, you’ll see in the VIDEO below that first-class on Emirates comes with more than a few fringe benefits. From complimentary in-flight pajamas to complimentary glasses of some of the most expensive liquor in the world, you can have it all when you fly first-class with this airline.

Don’t believe it? Let Casey take you on a personal tour in the VIDEO below…

What do you think?


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