Weird Facts You Won’t Believe

Weird Facts

Everyone likes having their mind blown every now and then, right? For this reason, it’s great to have some weird facts handy. Whether you want to impress your friends or simply have something to talk about on hand, weird facts are a welcomed addition to any conversation. So keep reading for some weird facts that will definitely give you something to think about.

  1. The large domestic cat breed is known as the Savannah and it can grow larger than many dogs. A Savannah actually resembles a smaller version of a leopard, but can grow to weigh as much as 40 pounds. These animals can also jump 8 feet high. Not only do they look like dogs, they act like them too. Savannahs can be taught to both play fetch and go for walks on a leash.
  2. Despite having no army whatsoever, Iceland is also known as being the most peaceful country on the planet. That being said, who wants to take over a place known as Iceland?
  3. At 33 Thomas Street in New York City you can find a skyscraper that has absolutely no windows. Seen as an example of architecture made in the Brutalist style, this building is owned by AT&T.
  4. Some of these weird facts could be useful if you were in equally weird situations. For example, should you find yourself in the Arctic and manage to kill a polar bear for food, do not bother with its liver. The organ contains so much vitamin A, you’d instantly overdose and die.
  5. Every year, the average human being breathes about 5 million times. I bet you feel more productive already.
  6. If you want to know which months to look out for, just keep an eye out for any that being with a Sunday. These months always have a Friday the 13th at some point.
  7. As you get older, it’s only natural that you begin forgetting things. Most of us lose weight as well as height too. What you might not expect, however, is that you’ll lose some of the bones you were born with too. Although you come into this life with 300 of them, you’ll eventually level off at 206.
  8. If you think the American version of football is brutal, you should see how the Matami Tribe plays in West Africa. Instead of a football made from leather, they play their game with an actual human skull. Probably the one sport where you want to keep your head out of the game.
  9. Anyone who loves apple butter, should continue with the other weird facts and completely ignore this one. That’s because the FDA allows 5 whole insects for every 100 grams of butter that’s produced.
  10. If you’re wondering who licked your popsicle when you weren’t looking, you’re in luck. Just like everyone’s fingerprints, people’s tongues are 100% unique to them.
  11. The next time you hear someone claim they’ll do something “in a jiffy” start timing them. A jiffy might be fun to say, but it’s also an objective measure of time too. One jiffy lasts 1/100th of a second.
  12. No matter how much the jackpot is worth, you’re actually risking more by buying a ticket than by staying at home. Everyone’s familiar with how unlikely it is that they’ll win, but it turns out you’re actually far more likely to die the majority of the time simply by taking on the risks of leaving your home.

And there is your daily dose of weird facts. Enjoy them as proof of how weird this world really is or share them with others so they can become equally perplexed

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Written by Team Bash

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