When Snakes Attack Humans!

Anacondas can grow pretty big. If you thought the giant python who kept attacking his owner was big, then you won’t believe these things… They’re enormous and they’re not afraid of us humans. Just ask the guy who kept poking an anaconda with a stick!

You don’t want to stumble across one of these as you’re fishing down the Amazon river in South America, you really don’t. Or anywhere, really. These things are big, they’re and they can kill you. They curl and coil around you, slowly but surely squeezing the very life out of you. It’s a Helluva thing to see.

Plenty of attacks on humans have been caught on camera too. Here’s a collection of some of the most insane:

Think humans are as big as giant snakes will go? Think again! Here’s one going for a COW!

What do you think?

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