Marty McFly And The Doc Went Back To The Future On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

We Bet You Never Noticed THIS in Back To The Future!

Unless you hid in a cupboard for the entire day on Wednesday 21st October, you’ll no doubt have heard a million times about ‘Back To The Future Day’ and how that futuristic day from the past that Marty McFly and Doc Brown swished forward in time to has now been and gone. It’s enough to make you feel old, isn’t it?

Well, to celebrate Back to the Future Day, actors Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd dropped into Jimmy Kimmel Live in their DeLorean and gave their opinions on what their thought of 2015… And it was HILARIOUS!

Check it out:

After the sketch, Jimmy sat down with Michael J. Fox and shot the breeze…

What do you think?


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