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Bert and Ernie As You’ve Never Seen Them Before – RAP GODS!

MOP’s Ante Up – an aggressive hip-hop classic… Sung by Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street! That’s basically the video we’ve got for you here. It’s as insane as it sounds, but it somehow works. Who knew that Jim Henson’s puppet legends hid such a secret, huh? They’re master rappers! Well, of course, they’re not. But Sssshhh… Don’t spoil it for everyone. We might just sit here and watch this all day…

It’s just too funny:

Did you know?
Sesame Street was originally due to be called ‘123 Avenue B’, but had to change the name when the show’s producers realized that it was a real New York address!

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash


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