Crazy Man Dives Into An Active Volcano And Captures It All On Video!

George Kourounis is a filmmaker and explorer. He claims to be totally sane, but having seen some of his latest work, we’re not convinced. Why? Because George recently flew all the way to the Pacific island of Vanuatu to hang around inside a volcano, specifically the Marum crater there. And that’s not particularly safe, you won’t be surprised to learn…

When you see that shot of me in the video and I’m looking like a little silver dot, next to what appears to be a huge waterfall of lava, that was an extremely dangerous spot to be standing,” he said. “It was a bit scary, for sure. If something were to have gone wrong. It would’ve happened quickly and catastrophically…

Check out an AMAZING clip right here:


Some people…!

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Written by Boredom Bash

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