First Dog Shaming, Now Kid Shaming! Here Are 20 Examples Of This Hilarious Trend.

Being a parent is never easy. You might hope your baby will sleep through the night (or at the very least avoid breaking wind in front of guests) but they rarely do. It doesn’t get any better when they grow to be toddlers and small children either, especially once they discover the pretty patterns they can make on your wallpaper using crayons!

However, many parents are getting their own back on their wilful kids by ‘shaming’ them on Facebook after being inspired by a similar- very funny- trend started by dog owners. Some of their signs have to be seen to be believed!

1. Let’s hope there weren’t too many people in there at the time! Awkward.

kid shaming 2

2. Parents: don’t cover your walls in paper if you don’t want kids to draw on them.

kid shaming 3

3. She’s clearly not a fan of carbs. Maybe she’s doing Atkins.

kid shaming 4

4. Now that’s extreme parenting. At least it wasn’t a PS4, that would have been tragic.

Kid shaming 5

5. Hang on, how do you ‘pretend’ to sell drugs?

kid shaming 6

6. Toothpaste is pretty much the same as paint, right? Minty paint.

kid shaming 7

7. Wonder how many Instagram likes she got for this?

kid shaming 8

8. Well, you did tell him not to move. When a kid’s gotta go, he’s gotta go.

kid shaming 9

9. She didn’t sign the agreement, so it isn’t legally valid. Kid 1, Mom 0

kid shaming 10

10. It could have been worse: he could have pooped on the floor.

kid shaming 1

11. This kid should never have been allowed to watch Frozen.

Kid shaming 11

12. But he didn’t do it. Surely that counts for something. Haven’t we all contemplated shaving a cat from time to time?

Kid shaming 12

13. “Nope. Wasn’t me.”

Kid shaming 13

14. Is this kid shaming, or just a parenting life hack? Either way, the joke’s on them.

Kid shaming 14

15. “Hello, I’d like to return this car seat please. Yes, I still have the receipt.”

kid shaming 15

16. No shaming required, this is just adorable.

kid shaming 16

17. They teach them how to do that in Baby 101.

Kid shaming 17

18. Is this kid going to grow up to be King Joffrey of Westeros? All signs point to yes.

Kid shaming 18

19. “Oh, by the way…you’re going to need to go back out again. Bye!”

Kid shaming 19

20. That’s why this kid has such a healthy, shiny coat, wet nose and waggy tail. 

Kid shaming 20

Bonus entry: this hedgehog


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Written by Team Bash

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