Woman Sets Husband On Fire For Molesting Her Young Daughter

A Teen Is In Danger From A Dangerous Predator – But Just Watch What These Strangers Do

A woman has been arrested and charged after setting alight her husband, who she suspected of molesting her 7 year old daughter. Tatanysha Hedman, 40, doused 52 year old Vincent Phillips in flammable liquid whilst he slept and set him on fire. Hedman has admitted charges of assault and arson to police, but claimed that Price had been sexually abusing her young daughter, adding that to simply shoot him would be “Too nice.” Price, who was hospitalized in the incident, has been charged with 1st-degree sex crime.

Since the incident, there has been great discussion of Hedman’s case online. Should she be punished for her crime, or, given her victim and motivation, should the legal system react leniently? Is it ever justified to take the law into your own hands?

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