Find Out Why Mexico’s Going Loco For Their Weather Reports

These Images Of Extreme Weather Phenomena Will Blow Your Mind, Particularly #8. Woah!

The whole of Mexico is suffering from a huge heatwave at the moment as the profile of Televisa Monterrey’s weathergirl Yanet Garcia blows up. There’s been a whirlwind of interest over the channel’s weather report presenter recently, seeing a huge spike in ratings for the broadcaster.

As you can see, she’s certainly a lady that catches the eye and she’s embraced her newly found fame and regularly tweets and puts pictures of her TV outfits on her Instagrams, attracting tens of thousands of fans across the world.

Yanet Garcia (1)

It’s not hard to see why Mexican Yanet is causing quite so much fuss, is it?

Yanet Garcia (2)

Her weather reports receive an unprecedented level of interest too. Here is one. Enjoy.

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