They Bought This Old Couch For $20 But Couldn’t Believe What They Found Inside!

Cally Guasti, Reese Werkhoven and Lara Russo are three New York roommates who had just moved in together. They were furnishing their new place on the cheap and managed to find a perfectly usable couch for just twenty bucks. It wasn’t the most comfortable, but it’d do. It had lumps in it, so they decided to turn the cushions over and plump them up. It was then they found there were heavy duty envelopes hidden inside the cushions…

It was money. And lots of it. $40,000 to be exact. They couldn’t believe it. Who owned the cash, though? Well, the trio kept looking and found a deposit slip with a name on. They tracked down the woman and she turned out to be in her nineties and struggling financially (we’re not surprised – she’d lost 40 grand!). They handed the money back and even got a reward from the woman’s family.

There are still good people left in the world after all!

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Written by Boredom Bash

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