Theater Shows Kids Waiting For Inside Out The New Insidious Movie By Mistake!

Parents and kids at the Danbarry Cinema in Middletown, Ohio had settled down to catch the new Pixar movie Inside Out when something pretty shocking went down. Just as the hordes of youngsters and guardians munched popcorn and slurped oversized sodas, the lights came down and the movie started. But something was wrong. There weren’t many cute little cartoon characters… Things were altogether a lot creepier. Why? The projectionist had screened horror flick Insidious 3 by mistake!

Inside Out

“I got our money back but the damage is already done… my children are terrified and keep asking questions.” Said one of the kids’ moms on Facebook after the mix-up.

We feel for the parents on this one. While we can see how the mistake might have happened (hey, they both start with ‘In’, right?), it must have been pretty traumatizing…

Insidious (2)

Seriously. We saw Insidious 1 in the cinema and had to sleep with the lights on and our eyes open for a good month. Sweet dreams, kids!

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash

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