73-Year-Old Punches Bear In The Face To Save His Dog’s Life!

A Californian man in his seventies had to fight off a bear recently that tried to eat his pet Chihuahua. How? By squaring up to the giant beast and PUNCHING him square in the face! Carl Moore heard his little pet screeching in fear and went out to investigate. Outside he saw the bear attempting to get under a low gate onto the deck of his house, towards his little dog.

Moore ran at the bear with his arms raise which forced it to retreat slightly. But not for long. Suddenly the bear roared and reared up on him. Eyewitnesses then say – quick as a flash – the 73 year-old punched the bear right on the end its nose!


Now a part-time contractor, Moore – although a man with a Chihuahua – isn’t to be trifled with. A former Marine, he’s also a a trained boxer and an ex-bouncer. “This big right hand has sent a lot of people to the floor,” Moore told local reporters. But none as big as his recent victim, we’d imagine! Local wildlife rangers say that the bear is probably a good 300 pounds!


Those same wildlife rangers have told Carl that, as the bear is a danger and has stolen his chickens in the past too, that he’s allowed to apply for a permit to shoot the animal. But Carl’s not keen.

“If it comes back, I’ll call 911 and let the sheriff do it because I don’t want to shoot no animal.” Good man.

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