WHOA! Is This 14 Year-Old The New Whitney Houston?

It’s a huge shame about what happened to Whitney Houston. And it’s even sadder to hear what’s currently happening with her daughter Bobbi Kristina. But we should remember her in her better years and dwell on her talents. She had, after all, one of the finest recording voices ever heard. A one off…

Or was she? 14 year-old Rachel here has an incredible voice on her. But not only that, it’s oddly familiar. She manages to sound so much like Whitney that it’s just crazy. Check out her amazing skills:

Did you know?
Whitney Houston was the most awarded female vocalist of all time. She was officially crowned that in 2009 when The Guinness Book of Records awarded her the title. And here’s another cool thing you probably won’t know – Houston was on backing vocal duties for Chaka Khan on on her 1978 smash hit, ‘I’m Every Woman’!

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash


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