Find Out What Happens When You Drop a ‘Love Toy’ In Front Of People! CRAZY Reactions!

You know what we’re talking about when say things like ‘love toys’ and ‘marital aids’, don’t you? You’re not going to make us have to explain it in any more gross detail, are you? No? No. Good. Thanks. So the prank we’ve got for you here today comes from the pranking geniuses at DennisCeeTV and – as you’ve probably guessed – it involves those things your girlfriend keeps hidden under the bed. They’re out at an amusement park in New York for the day, ‘accidentally’ dropping them in front of people and seeing what their reaction is… Some people don’t appreciate it all that much!

Check this prank out – it’s rampant!


Some people need their humour glands looking at, don’t they…?

For more prankery from DennisCeeTV, head over here!

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Written by Boredom Bash

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