Laughs, Digits, Threats… This ‘Fart Spray Cologne’ Prank Gets Some Pretty Mixed Reactions!

Our grandparents have given some some pretty lousy cologne for Christmas before. There was this one that smelled like burnt wood. It came with a deodorant that smelled like a mixture between detergent and cat urine. Sufficed to say, it didn’t get a lot of use. Still, at least it didn’t smell like farts. The colon-stinking cologne in the prank below was liberally doused on our prankster before he headed out to the Vegas strip to get some reactions. Most hated it, one girl kinda liked it (no idea…) and one dude was more than angry at being made to whiff the butt-breath aftershave.

Have a look-see at what went down:


That scene at the end with the angry dude was more than made up for by the number close in the middle. Good work, fella! If this stinky prank has you ready for more backside-based silliness, check out this farting in the ‘hood prank that goes BADLY wrong…

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash

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