7 Year Old Girl Gets 3D Printed ‘Robohand’!

    Seven year old Faith Lennox, from Orange County, California, had her arm amputated at birth, following a condition known as compartment syndrome. However, thanks to groundbreaking technology, she has a new prosthetic arm which allows her to do all the things that other seven year olds do.

    Californian company, Build It Workspace, designed the new limb, with help from Faith herself, and built it using a 3D printer. Founder Mark Lengsfeld told Associated Press:

    “I have used 3D printers to create a number of products, from pumps for oil and gas companies to parts for unmanned aerial vehicles, but this was the first time we have worked with prosthetics.”

    The great advantage of 3D created prosthetic arms is that they are incredibly cheap for the patient to but – in Faith’s case as little as $50!