Caring Groom Makes Wedding Vows To His New Step-Daughter As Well As His Wife

When Brian Scott met Whitney Kay, he fell instantly in love with her. He knew that he’d spend the rest of his life with her and never leave her side. So getting married was a no brainer. Whitney’s got a cute little daughter called Brielle and Brian knew that he’d be taking on the role of dad. But instead of just assuming the position without thought like a lot of new stepdads, he decided to do something extraordinary…

When the big day came, the North Carolina couple exchanged vows at the altar. But it took slightly longer than usual because¬†Brian had prepared¬†two different sets of vows. As well as the expected promises made by groom to bride, Brian had decided to write and read out a special set just to Breezy (as she’s affectionately known). Assuming the role of ‘Dad’ and marrying her mom was a huge step and Brian wanted to make their big day just as much about his beautiful new daughter as he did about his blushing bride.

This is bound to touch your heart. Brian – take it away!

Wow. What a thoughtful guy! He’s going to make a great dad, isn’t he?