This Cute Baby Goat’s Story Will Shock You…Why Would Anyone Do This?

When you see a pet advert online, you expect that the animal you’re going to see is healthy and loved…or at least cared for to the best of the current owner’s ability. Unfortunately, as one farming couple found out to their shock that isn’t always the case.

Two goat breeders and animal lovers were saddened when two of their goats were stolen from under their nose. Like all good farmers, they wanted to track down their missing goats, so when they saw a male kid (baby goat) listed on free ad site Craigslist they thought it might be one of theirs and headed to the location. But instead of finding their missing animal, they found a different goat: one that was in terrible condition and in need of help. He should have been at a vet or shelter, not listed on an ad site.

When the goat breeders arrived, they were shown into their yard only to find a miserable, sodden baby goat on a chain, shaking uncontrollably and covered in dog bites.

abandoned goat sad
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The little guy had completely lost his voice due to calling for help. Two small dogs were chasing and biting him, but he couldn’t escape because of the chain.

via Epona142/Reddit
via Epona142/Reddit

The couple were utterly shocked by the scene and demanded the goat be untied. They took him home immediately.

baby goat injured reddit
Via Epona142/ Reddit

As soon as they got in the car, the kid cuddled up to its rescuer, relieved to be safe.

baby goat Reddit
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He was so cold and dirty that his rescuer took him into the shower to warm him up and get him clean. His new owner also gave him antibiotics for his injuries.

baby goat rescued
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She even blowdried his hair so he wouldn’t get a chill after his shower!

Goat baby cute
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Finally, he was introduced to his new goat friends and went to sleep in a playpen. He might have some scars on his face, but hopefully his emotional scars will heal now that he’s in his forever home.

rescued cute goat
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The original owner tried to convince this baby’s rescuers that her dogs didn’t cause the baby’s injuries and it was someone else’s fault. Despite the fact that the rescuers saw it happen!  Thankfully, this little guy is now safe and now lives in a warm, hay filled barn with lots of friends.

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