Check Out This 50ft Slip n’ Slide… OFF A CLIFF!

The scene: A clifftop looming 50 foot over Lake Powell, a reservoir on the Colorado River between Arizona and Utah. The crazy people: Devin Supertramp and his friends. Their idea: To set up a giant slip n’ slide that will hurtle them all 50ft into the lake. Their mental health: Questionable.

This extreme sports-loving gang had the time of their lives as they put those lives on the line shooting off the cliff. And luckily for us, one of the group had a pretty high-tech video camera with them that day.

50ft Cliff Slide (2)

Have a watch. You won’t quite believe it…


What do you reckon? Would you be up for that? Feel free to share this madness with any of your adrenalin junkie pals!