Parents Sell Their Stillborn’s Crib, But Receive An Amazing Surprise In Return

There’s nothing sadder than the passing of a child. And nothing more uplifting than a random act of kindness. So it’s a tale of two extremes that we bring you here. Little Noah was due to be born when his mother Valerie Watts knew something wasn’t right and feared the worse. Sure enough, he was born stillborn. Weeks later, a garage sale saw Valerie sadly parting with little Noah’s crib. She sold it to Gerald Kumpula, a local carpenter and craftsman. He’d been buying up household furniture in the area for some time, and making benches.

On his way home, Gerald’s wife, who had chatted with Valerie, explained the sad story behind the crib. Gerald had assumed that Valerie had a child that had outgrown the crib, forcing the sale. Her felt her pain. Touched, it was then that he realized that he had to make the best little bench he’d ever made. And return it straight back to Valerie. It was to be a memorial bench to little Noah. What a story…

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Written by Boredom Bash


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