This Shocking POV Video Shows Car Hitting Cyclist 10ft Into The Air!

The shocking video we have for you here shows the moment when a cyclist, wearing a point-of-view camera, gets hit by a speeding car and thrown 10ft into the air. The incident gets worse as we discover that it’s a hit and run accident. The Volkswagen Golf, thought be be fitted with illegal false registration plates, drives away without stopping. Luckily for the cyclist involved, 34 year-old Patrick Knetemann, he lived to tell the tale.

As you’ll see, the car veers wildly into the wrong lane and straight into Patrick. It’s pretty frightening stuff! Have a look:


Ouch. Still, at least it’s good to see that Patrick was okay afterwards (the same can’t really be said about his bike…). If only people would watch where they’re going, eh?!

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash

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