This Shocking POV Video Shows Car Hitting Cyclist 10ft Into The Air!

The shocking video we have for you here shows the moment when a cyclist, wearing a point-of-view camera, gets hit by a speeding car and thrown 10ft into the air. The incident gets worse as we discover that it’s a hit and run accident. The Volkswagen Golf, thought be be fitted with illegal false registration plates, drives away without stopping. Luckily for the cyclist involved, 34 year-old Patrick Knetemann, he lived to tell the tale.

As you’ll see, the car veers wildly into the wrong lane and straight into Patrick. It’s pretty frightening stuff! Have a look:


Ouch. Still, at least it’s good to see that Patrick was okay afterwards (the same can’t really be said about his bike…). If only people would watch where they’re going, eh?!