Man Who Walks 21 MILES To And From Work Everyday Gets A HUGE Surprise!

Since 56 year-old James Robertson’s car gave up on him more than ten years ago, he’s been unable to afford a replacement. James lives in the poorest city in the US, Detroit. So employment options are limited. Which is why he’s had to stay in his job since his vehicle needed to be scrapped. So he’s had to carry on his commute. The buses only go so far, though. After his journey, he then needs to walk half the way. Poor James finds himself walking over 21 miles every single day just to get to and from work. Here’s his story:

When James’ story went viral and 19 year-old Evan Leedy heard about it, he decided to start up a fund-raising page for him. Within hours, money was pouring in. It’s now at a life-changing amount. Currently around $40,000! And what’s more? A local Chevvy dealership has said it’ll donate a car and let JAmes use the money for insurance and maintenance and things. What a story!

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Written by Boredom Bash

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