If You Find Any Of These In Your Kid’s Trick-Or-Treat Bags, Don’t Let Them Eat Them

Halloween can be a worrying time for parents. Your kids are desperate to go out trick or treating with their friends, but you are worried about them walking around the neighborhood, after dark, and knocking on stranger’s doors and asking for candy.

Trick or treat 1

Well I’m afraid that, if you are a parent, you might have even more reason to be concerned. Mississippi’s Jackson Police Department have released a picture of various colorful and attractive-looking ecstasy tablets on Facebook, warning parents that children could mistake them for candy. They urged parents to check their children’s trick or treat bags closely to make sure that the dangerous drug has not sneaked in with the candy.

Drugs Halloween Sweets

Often, the pills are stamped with logos, such as the Superman symbol or the Warner Brothers logo, which might make the drug seem appealing to children. Ecstasy tablets are designed for adults, so if a child ingests one (or more) their is a real possibility that they will overdose.

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So, make sure that you check your kid’s treat bowls carefully. It might just save their lives.

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Written by Boredom Bash

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