This Man Did Something Amazing For His Son. 30 Years On, His Son Is Doing The Same Thing. Wow!

When Leesburg, VA resident Marcin Zawacki was a baby, his father made him something incredibly special: a hand made crib.


What made it even more special is that his dad had just arrived from Poland to make a new life for his family in the US and had no money to buy a crib. With the last of his cash, he bought a couple of pieces of pine and a handsaw: all he could afford.

Over time, the crib was used for other newborn family members and gradually wore out. Eventually, this was all that was left.


When Marcin found out he was expecting, he decided to bring the crib back to life as a tribute to his dad, now in his late 50s. He used the surviving piece as a template to cut out the pieces.



He even got his dad to help him sand down the pine and make sure it was as close to the original as possible.


Soon, the pieces were ready to be fixed together. This time, they had more tools available, not just a handsaw!


Here’s Marcin’s dad helping him attach the pieces to the frame.


Here’s the new back panel, as close to the original as they could make it.

crib8 crib9

Marcin then pushed on and added the bottom section to the crib.


It’s starting to take shape!


Soon, it was time to add those all important rockers.


The crib had to fit together perfectly and rock smoothly, so they had to fine tune every piece.

crib13 crib14

Marcin and his dad used cardboard templates to get the detailing just right.


Here’s Marcin’s dad carefully cutting out the pieces!




Finally, the sides were completed and the crib was almost ready to be put together.


Here it is!


Isn’t that the most gorgeous crib you’ve ever seen?


Here’s Marcin with his amazing creation. Let’s hope that this rebuilt crib stands the test of time.


This is Marcin’s dad and to the right, Marcin with his new crib. They’re virtually identical.


And finally, proud father and son together, waiting for the next generation.


How cool is that? Well done Marcin!

All images via Leesburgcapsfan/Reddit

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