This Is What Disney Pixar’s ‘Up’ Would Look Like If It Was Directed By Transformers’ Michael Bay!

Michael Bay is famous as Hollywood’s biggest, brashest and most explosive movie director. His style doesn’t exactly lend itself much to subtlety. According to his way, there’s no suggestion, hint or facial expression that can’t be better explained via a 10 minute car chase where everything blows up in the end. You’ve only got to look at his CV to see what we’re talking. Bay’s been in the director’s chair for movies like Transformers, Bad Boys, Armageddon and Pearl Harbour. But what if he was signed on to direct a more gentle film? Something sweet? Something like… Up? What would that be like?!

Well, it’s be like this:


Looks pretty ace, eh? Let’s hope Michael fancies the sequel…

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash


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