Biker Has Massive Accident Just Seconds After Giving TV Interview About Crashes

“There’s been a lot of accidents here and I’m gonna work nearby this whole week, so I’m scared.” The Spanish biker told the TV reporter interviewing him at the side of the road. And with that, the interview had finished. The crew thanked him, he put his motorcycle helmet back on and headed off. The crew were filming his departure as to give a nice visual ending to the interview. Only, in an extremely ironic and shocking turn of events, the biker is IMMEDIATELY involved in an accident. He doesn’t look to his right as he pulls off and he collides with another biker.

If it sounds crazy, just wait ’til you see it:


Both riders were okay afterwards, they escaped with just cuts and bruises. The guy that was interviewed decline to answer any further questions, though. Out of embarrassment, probably…

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash

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