Prisoner Admits To Killing Cellmate… But When You Find Out Why You Won’t Feel Sorry For The Dead Guy

Convicted murderer Steven Sandison killed his cellmate Theodore Dyer. Dyer was an ex-cop who had upset Sandison and ended up paying the ultimate price. A sickening crime? Well, perhaps. But your morals and allegiances might be tested when you find out the whole story…

51 year-old Sandison politely and honestly answered all of Judge Fred Bouchard’s questions about what he had done, seemingly showing no remorse. But why had he decided to take his cellmate’s life so suddenly and violently? Well, Dyer was serving life for a truly terrible crime committed against a nine year-old girl. An unspeakable act, Dyer felt as though he had to ‘justify’ what he had done to a sickened Sandison. Dyer’s cellmate couldn’t handle the vile descriptions of what had transpired and had snapped, beating and eventually strangling the twisted pederast.

Let’s hear what happened in Sandison’s own words…

Did Dyer get his just desserts? Or was it not for Sandison to make such a call? What do you think?

What do you think?

Written by Team Bash

Team Of Bored Individuals


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