Amazing Aerial Shots… These 30 Satellite Photos Will Take Your Breath Away!

We’ve all taken some cool photographs on holiday, haven’t we? Lovely beaches, beautiful mountains, rolling hilltops… Earth has some wonderful things to gawp at. But rarely do we get the opportunity to see our planet as the snappers behind this fantastic set of pictures have done.

Daily Overview is a brand new project from the website Digital Globe. And it’s brilliant. Every day a brand new – and totally amazing – aerial shot gets uploaded. Here are 30 of our favourite so far:

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa Aerial (Custom)


Greenhouses in Southern Spain

Almeria Greenhouses (Custom)


Almudena Cemetery

Almudena Cemetery (Custom)


The Amazon rainforest

Amazon Aerial (Custom)


Middle East (Bahrain)

Bahrain (Custom)



Barcelona Overview (Custom)


Florida (Boca Raton)

Boca Raton (Custom)


Bourtange in Holland

Bourtange Holland (Custom)



Brondby Aerial (Custom)


New York’s Central Park

Central Park (Custom)


Las Vegas, Nevada

Desert Shores Vegas (Custom)


Edson, Kansas

Edson Kansas (Custom)



El Dorado Georgetown (Custom)


The Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China (Custom)


Huelva, Spain

Huelva Aerial (Custom)


Inman Yard

Inman Yard Aerial (Custom)


Killeen, Texas

Killeen Texas (Custom)



Loxahatchee Aerial (Custom)


Madrid, Spain

Madrid Aerial (Custom)


Madrid’s Spaghetti Junction

Madrid Roads (Custom)


Arizona (Mesa)

Mesa Arizona (Custom)


Newark, NJ

Newark Aerial (Custom)


Chinese paddy fields

Paddy Fields China (Custom)


Palm Island

Palm Island Aerial (Custom)


Port of LA

Port of LA (Custom)


Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Aerial (Custom)


Arizona – Tucson

Tucson Aerial (Custom)


Venice, Italy

Venice Overview (Custom)


Yuba County

Yuba County Aerial (Custom)

Fantastic shots, aren’t they? The people behind the project say about it:

“The mesmerizing flatness seen from this vantage point, the surprising comfort of systematic organization on a massive scale, or the vibrant colours that we capture will hopefully turn your head.”

Well, quite.

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash

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