Homeowner Puts a Strange Secret Window On His Kitchen Floor… Why? Sheer Genius!

Okay, most of us don’t have the budget to go crazy and do everything we want with our homes, but if we can make just one cool alteration…? What would it be? It’d be so cool if your home reflected you and your personality, wouldn’t it? Well, the people who own the house you’re about it see can sure boast that. But just what is it that lurks beneath the odd glass window that they have in their kitchen floor?

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Well, first of all – don’t panic. The builders weren’t drunk when they were putting this place together (we don’t think!). The window is definitely supposed to be there. But why?!


Have a look… The answer? Wine! Lots and lots of wine! the window allows you to see down the cool spiral stairs that lead to the wine cellar below!


This really is super cool, right? Imagine serving dinner and realizing you need to pair it with a wine. How convenient just to head immediately below to pick out a bottle!


And talk about character. What a talking point. Just imagine how stunned your guests would be!

The windows don’t necessarily have to be in your kitchen, though. Or even be windows at all!


You can have them fitted wherever. Well, depending on where your basement/cellar is. They really do add masses of character to any house, don’t they? Incredible!


H/T: NYMeta

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