7 Alternative Uses For Tennis Balls!

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Tennis balls have one primary use – to play tennis with! But did you know that there are a number of other uses for them, which can be incredibly helpful around the home and beyond? That’s right, the humble tennis ball can be put to use in various different ways.

So gather up any spare balls you might have lying around the house or garden. Here we talk you through 7 alternative uses for them:

1. Static Removal

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Static removal tumble dryer sheets may smell nice, but they are expensive, full of toxins and bad for the skin. Using just tin foil and tennis balls, you can employ a chemical free method of getting rid of static in your washing. Simply wrap three balls in foil and throw in the dryer with the clothes.

2. Removing Scuff Marks

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Scuff marks on your floor, usually from shoe soles, chair legs and so on, can be a nuisance. They’re very noticeable, and tough to remove with a cloth or mop. But tennis balls are ideal for getting rid of them. The friction of the fabric of the ball’s surface rubbing on the floor removes the scuffs in no time.

3. Cleaning Pools

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Do you have a problem with paddling pools, hot tubs etc. getting murky and dirty, but don’t want to have to keep changing the water? Simply throw in a tennis ball or two. As the balls makes their way around your pool, they will collect the debris and bacteria from the surface of the water.

4. Keeping Money Safe

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Unsure what to do with all those spare dimes and nickels kicking around? I mean you don’t want to see them go to waste, but neither do you want to be carting pockets-full of them around with you. Cut a small slit in the top of a tennis ball, and you have a ready-to-use coin purse.

5. As A Parking Sensor

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Who needs fancy computerized parking sensors. With just a tennis ball, a length of string and a measuring tape, you can produce an inexpensive way of ensuring that your automobile is parked just right!

6. As A Massage Aid

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Tired after a run? Sore after a work out? Or maybe just stressed? Everyone needs their muscles given a rub once in a while. But massages can cost up to $100. That’s a lot of money per year. Instead, take two tennis balls and tape them together with sports tape. Then simply use the device to massage your sore areas.

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7. As A Clothes Hook

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Tired of your shirts, jackets and trousers having a permanent crease left by the pointy end of a clothes hook? Simply cut a hole in a tennis ball, and place over the point. You can still hang your clothes, but no mark is left afterwards!

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