A Taliban Bullet Skims This Soldier’s Head In This SHOCKING Clip!

Getting shot is not something that a lot of us are familiar with. Especially not as an ongoing risk in our jobs. But it’s a brutal reality that soldiers have to face every day. Whether you agree with the politics or motivation behind the Afghanistan war or not, a lot of US military personnel have been injured in battle. But maybe not many as weirdly as this. And especially not while on camera…

The guy you’re about to see skimmed, incredibly, by a bullet was left mostly unharmed and could scarcely believe what had happened. He tells his buddies afterwards, “the Taliban had f**king shot me right in the f**king head” before adding “I’m a f**king stud, dude!”

Watch the amazing footage for yourself and see just how lucky he was to survive:

Did you know?
As of November 2014, there have been 3,387 coalition deaths in Afghanistan as part of ongoing military operations since the invasion of the country in 2001.

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Written by Boredom Bash


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