19 Gorgeous And Utterly Unique Hairstyles

    Styling your hair can be a right pain in the butt. It takes ages, and never looks like it does when the salon do it. And then after making all that effort, you go out and it gets ruined by the wind and rain.

    If you struggle with your own hair, then imagine what it’d be like to create these beautiful and utterly idiosyncratic hairdos! They are some of the most extravagant and stunning hairstyles you will ever see!

    1. A cluster of waves and swirls, adorned with flowers. That’s one stunning bride!

    hair 19

    2. A fairytale rose-up do. I dread to think how long that took to style!

    hair 18

    3. Low-hanging up-do using layers of braids.

    hair 17

    4. Side swirl created by a trio of French braids.

    hair 16

    5. A mess of French braids tucked in at the end.

    hair 15

    6. A haute couture braid. Just the three bottles of hairspray needed.

    hair 14

    7. A spiral braid bun.

    hair 13

    8. A heart shaped braid.

    hair 12

    9. A French braid with bow.

    hair 11

    10. Heart shaped braid #2

    hair 10

    11. Heart shaped braid #3

    hair 9

    12. A sweep French braid. Perfect for going to the grocery store.

    hair 8

    13. Lattice braided rows.

    hair 7

    14. A dramatic sweep braid.

    hair 6

    15. Swirly floral pin-ins.

    hair 5

    16. A swinging zig zag braid.

    hair 4

    17. A checkerboard full braid.

    hair 3

    18. A checkerboard half braid.

    hair 2

    19. A loose take on the French braid.

    hair 1