These Awesome Photos Will Change The Way You Think About History!

We all think we’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s gone down in modern history, don’t we? Sure, we’re no experts but we’ve heard most of the big things. But hearing and reading what’s happened in modern and cultural history is one thing – but seeing them for yourself is something else.

Okay, okay, we can’t jump back in the past and actually experience things but we can check out some really rare photos from the past century or so and get a great sense of what things were like.

Enjoy and share this cracking collection of pretty rare and unusual pictures. We know we certainly did!

Let’s start with Arnie’s first day in the States, 1968. Decades later the Austrian would be Governor of California.



Here’s Alan Shephard – the first American in space – preparing for orbit.



The Beatles meet Ali.

Beatles and Ali


Then years later play this classic gig upon a rooftop.



Here’s JFK meeting a young Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton


An early snap of an arrested Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Bill Gates


Martial arts practice. The guy on the right? Osama bin Laden.

Bin Laden Karate


Classic Bond.



Bruce Lee meets… CHUCK NORRIS.

Bruce Lee


South American revolutionaries meet: Fidel Castro from Cuba and Che Guevara from t-shirts.



Here’s Robin Williams cheerleading!

Cheerleading Photo


Legendary beauty Marilyn Monroe and entertainer great Sammy Davis Jnr. lark by a car.

Cool Car Photo


Castro again – looking like Liam Neeson – chats politics with Malcolm X.

Cool Old Photograph


Muhammed Ali talks down a suicidal guy from a building.

Cool Photo


An early shot of Bruce Lee.

Dancing Photo


Very early Mickey Mouse sketches from Walt Disney’s drawing pad.

Early Mickey Mouse


The Eiffel Tower in construction.

Eiffell Tower


Albert Einstein and a moustacheless Charlie Chaplin.

Einstein and Chaplin


Elvis – called up by the US Army.

Elvis Army Photo


Bill Gates and his future rival – Apple’s original ‘genius’, Steve Jobs.

Gates and Jobs


Behind the scenes of The Godfather.



The Golden Gate Bridge being constructed.

Golden Gate Bridge


Marlon Brando – ever the serious man – talks civil rights with Martin Luther King.

Malcolm X and Brando


Barack Obama on his high school basketball team.

Obama Basketball


William Harley and Arthur Davidson sat atop two of their legendary creations in 1914.

Old Bikes


Russian bigwig Vladimir Putin as a teenager.

Old Photo


HRH The Queen during her military service no less.

Queen Army


And here’s The Queen meeting the queen of Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe.

Queen Photo


The Rolling Stones before they were famous.

Rolling Stones


Guns n’ Roses guitarist hangs out with future star Robert Downey Jr.



Building Mt. Rushmore in the late ’30s.

Sweet Photo


Batman Adam West hits the skins.

West and Nimoy

How cool were they, eh? It was like a potted history of the past hundred years of pop culture. Fantastic. If you’ve a pal that you know would get a kick out of seeing Karate Osama or would cheer to see Robin Williams in drag, why not share this post with them?

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash

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