‘The World’s Ugliest Women’ Is Actually The World’s Most Inspirational!

    26 year-old Lizzie Velásquez from Austin, Texas, is one of the happiest and most positive people you’re ever likely to meet. And all despite suffering from a debilitating disease which means that she is completely incapable of putting on weight. It’s a disease which has seen her cruelly labelled as ‘The World’s Ugliest Woman’. Doctors and experts are baffled by Lizzie’s condition, so it’s technically undiagnosed at this point. All she knows is that there’s only thought to be another two people on earth with it.

    She has to eat 5,000 calories a day to survive, that’s a full 1500 more than other women. She’s also blind in her right eye. But she doesn’t let that – or the cyber-bullying that she’s experienced – hold her back. In fact, it inspires her. She says that her condition is a blessing as it’s allowed her to embark on a career in motivational speaking that has inspired countless people across the world.

    Meet this incredible lady right here: