Cheating Girlfriend – That’s 8 Months Pregnant – Gets Busted By Stranger At Football Game!

A guy goes to a football game to see his beloved Detroit Lions. Sat in front of him is a couple. The girl’s heavily pregnant, maybe eight months or so. She’s on her phone a lot, texting someone. Every time her boyfriend moves in close to speak to her or be affectionate, she hides her phone. So the dude sat behind, intrigued, looks at her phone over her shoulder. It looks like she’s cheating on her boyfriend. Man, that’s lousy. Maybe the kid’s not even his. Harsh. And at Thanksgiving/Christmas time too. So the guy behind hatches a plan…

Bros Before Hoes

Here’s what he scribbled down for his fellow Lion and bro:

Girl Busted Cheating

What a dude. Hey, not a nice day for the fella with the cheating woman, but at least he found out, huh?

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash

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