Massive Anchovy School Off San Diego Coast Stuns Everyone!

On first glance, the black wave heading towards the La Jolla shore in San Diego, California look pretty ominous. It’s easy to be forgiven for thinking of oil spill disasters like the Exxon Valdez and all the terrible images you associated with that. But the reality is much nicer than that. That huge underwater cloud of darkness is actually life! It’s an unusually enormous school of anchovies. The wonderful video below really demonstrates the magnificent way the school moves about and was caught on camera by the Scripps Institute of Oceanography out of UC San Diego. The students getting the first hand research in are Julia Fiedler, Sean Crosby and Bonnie Ludka.

It’s a very serene and relaxing little clip and a nice example that you shouldn’t always trust your first impressions of something. Have a watch of it all here:


Apparently, these kind of schools – so close to the coast – are very rare. Scripps claim that it’s been more than thirty years since they’ve seen such a grouping. So it’s a good job they caught it all on camera for us, isn’t it?!

Want to see more aquatic brilliance? Try this video on for size…

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Written by Boredom Bash

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