Go BANANAS! Why Bananas Are The World’s Most Useful Things…

Bananas. They’re everyone’s favourite yellow fruit, aren’t they? Well, they’re at least top three… But they’re not just tasty – there’s a good reason you’ll see the world’s top sportsmen munching on a banana before a big match or race or whatever. Just two bananas give you enough energy for up to an hour and a half’s exercise! Pretty good that, eh? But it’s not just energy boosting that they’re responsible for. Over the years, medical experts have linked banana eating to a wide range of miracle cures. Seriously – have a look, they’ll be at least one of things that you’ll suffer from (even if it is only ‘hangovers’!)…

Blood Pressure – Low in salt but high in potassium, ‘nanas are perfect for helping lower your blood pressure. The science is so rock solid, the banana industry are now legally allowed to make that very claim in their marketing.

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Constipation – Straining on the toilet is not good for you. That’s why it’s important to keep a decent level of fibre in your diet. Bananas are a great way to do just that without having to seek medical attention. Nice and regular!

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Brain power – They’ll even help you concentrate better and remember more. So they make for the ideal educational snack for students.

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Hangovers – In a threesome with milk and honey, bananas make for an ace hangover cure. And who would say no to a nice cold banana milkshake when they’re suffering the day after the night before? Milk rehydrates, honey tops up depleted blood sugar levels and the banana calms your dodgy stomach.

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PMS – In order to regulate your mood during that time of the month, you need vitamin B6. And guess where you can get plenty of that?!

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Morning sickness – One of the reasons that a pregnant woman can feel sick in the morning is because of her fluctuating blood sugar level. Regular banana snacking can regulate blood sugars and keep your head out of the toilet!

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Anaemia – Musa Paradisiaca (Latin for ‘fruit of the wise man’) are very high in iron, meaning they can stimulate the production of haemoglobins in the blood. Good news if you suffer from anaemia!

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Controlling your temperature – Bananas can cool your core body heat down, which is handy if you’re exercising.

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Mosquito bites – Before you break open the medicine box when you’re bit by a mosquito, reach for a banana. Eat it first (because they’re good for you, right?). Then rub the inside of the skin against the affected area. It’ll sooth the pain and reduce swelling.

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Heartburn – If you get heartburn at mealtimes, why not eat a banana for dessert? To fan the flames, your fruity friend will break out some serious antacids. Beats having to shell out a handful of cash for the pharmaceutical version, doesn’t it?!

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Depression – You have to wonder how bananas manage to find room to fit in all of these useful chemicals and things, don’t you? To help people suffering from depression and anxiety, they have tryptophan, which is a protein. It’s a protein that the body then converts into serotonin, which cheers us all up!

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Nerves – If you suffer from a nervous disposition, you’d do well to get more vitamin B in you. And yep – bananas can help! They’re also a good go-to snack for those who suffer from nerves or anxiety in the workplace and seek solace in comfort eating. Ignore the crisps and chocolate – pick up a banana!

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See? Bananas are great! So get yourself down to the shop and shoot some in now!

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash

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