These Mysterious Creatures Appeared Overnight And They’re About Creepy As It Gets…

You’re nipping out quickly to the store at night for milk or something. It’s late. And dark. But you’re only going to take five minutes. You’re popping your collar up to fight the wind when you stop dead in your tracks. Your heart races. What’s that ahead of you?! At first it looks like a person, but now you see more clearly: It’s walk is shambling, it’s on all fours. Long, crooked limbs jerk wildly. There’s a hunched back. It’s coming towards you! What is this thing?! Your mind’s screaming at you – RUN! RUN NOW! But you’re rooted to the spot. It’s almost upon you…


Don’t worry, though! It’s just someone in a costume! An awesome costume, mind, but a costume all the same.


Melissa Irwin’s four-legged stilt Halloween costumes are amazing. So freaky, yet so cool. Just imagine seeing one of these at night… You would freak OUT!


They’re quite intricately designed and created…


Have a look at how these epic things are made:


What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash

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