Dying Groom is Granted His Final Wish As He Marries Soulmate 10 Hours Before Death

Earlier this year, Rowden Go and his girlfriend Leizel decided to get married. They planned everything and set a date for July 8th 2014. They already had a two year-old daughter, so it was all lined up for them to complete their perfect little family. Lovely. But then – tragic news. Rowden was diagnosed with Stage IV liver cancer. It was inoperable and untreatable. Doctors said the cancer was so aggressive that there was absolutely no chance he’d make it to July. But Rowden was determined to marry his one true love before he died. So the wedding was brought forward.

In just 12 hours, all preparations were made and against all odds, the pair were wed. Despite Rowden’s terrible condition, the ceremony was touching, beautiful and not a little bit sad. Watch the story in more depth here:


How awfully sad. A hospital room as a wedding chapel is such an upsetting thing to see. But at least Rowden’s dying wish could be fulfilled. If you want to, please share Rowden and Leizel’s poignant story with your friends.

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Written by Boredom Bash

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