This Flash Mob For Dying Amy Will Melt Your Heart – This Video’s Beautiful!

We’ve all seen flash mobs before, haven’t we? Well, the one we’re about to show you isn’t the biggest or most visually spectacular one you’ve ever seen. But it might just be the most emotional.

When much-loved 56 year-old Amy was diagnosed with ovarian cancer back in 2012, she was resilient enough to fight the disease and go into remission. Much to the obvious relief of her friends and family. But unfortunately, that wasn’t the last she’d see of the dreaded Big C. In October of last year, the cancer returned. And in an inoperable form. Doctors had to break the news to Amy that she was dying.

Amy’s had a while to come to terms with her situation and she’s remarkably chipper about everything. She’s at peace with what’s happening. She’s such a positive person – that’s one of the reasons she has so many friends. Friends that all got together one day to show her how much they love her…

Lady with Cancer Flash Mob

Things start off pretty low key when a few of Amy’s closet relatives appear on the lawn, dancing a little. But then, more and more people than know and love Amy turned up to pay tribute to the lady.

Amy Flash Mob

Once you see this lovely video you’ll never be able to hear ‘Best of My Love’ by The Emotions without getting a lump in your throat. Trust us, it’s very touching. Enjoy:

Brave Amy’s favourite Latin phrases is ‘dum vivimus vivamus’, which translates as ‘while we live, let us live.’ And we think that’s perfectly summed up here, isn’t it?

Truly inspirational stuff.

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash

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