You’ve Never Seen Dancing Like THIS Before – These 2 Are AMAZING!

The Forr贸 de Domingo Festival in Stuttgart, Germany. Home to some of the most amazing dancing you’ll ever see.聽Forr贸 is type of dancing that originates from North Eastern Brazil. Forr贸 comes from the word聽‘forrobod贸’, which means “great party” or “commotion”. And you’ll soon see why…

When Valmir & Juzinha took to the floor, the excitement in the venue was palpable. Their reputation as two of the best聽Forr贸 dancers precedes them. And with good reason. They’re really quite incredible. Check ’em out:

Did you know?
Forr贸 isn’t just a type of dance. It’s also a genre of music.聽聽Lyrics are often about love, romance, passion, jealousy, or reminiscing about ex lovers.

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Written by Boredom Bash


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