When They Heard This Homeless Man Sing, They Couldn’t Rush Him Into The Studio Quick Enough!

Nashville, Tennessee. Music City. The home of country music. What better place to head to if you’re an aspiring country singer? But for every thousand young singers that heads there, only one is likely to have any measure of success. It’s not something you can fake, country. Like blues, it’s a music that needs soul, that needs experience. So when the supremely-talented Doug Seegers, a homeless guy on the streets of Nashville, was heard singing by a Swedish TV crew in the city, they knew they had to get him in a studio!

So they did. And the results were PHENOMENAL!

Did you know?
In the 1920’s, country music began to get traction because of a huge cash injection by Ford owner Henry Ford.

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash

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