Window Smashing Thug Makes Sure This Road Rage Row Escalates Quickly!

Things can often get pretty heated out on the road, can’t they? Tempers run high and people do crazy things. Oftentimes when you’re out for a drive it can get like Mad Max out there! We’ve all seen it – speeding, racing, cutting up, beeping of horns, shouting, swearing, rude gestures, arguments… Sometimes things get out of hand and fists fly. That’s exactly what happens here, although no one is hurt. Well, we say that! The dude throwing the hand might’ve had a few cuts to patch up afterwards!

We don’t exactly see what went down before the anger levels rose, but you have to imagine that the neck beard-wearing dude sitting there filming proceedings drove dangerously and that caused the confrontation. After all, why is the other guy so upset? Plus the beardy driver is in a GTI…

The angry fella says something about having a kid in the car, so you have to wonder if that was the source of his anger. You can see why he was so quick to go on the offensive. Have a peek at what happened:

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Written by Boredom Bash


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