Jason Statham Nearly DIES As ‘Truck Over 60ft Cliff’ Stunt Goes Badly Wrong!

It seems like action star Jason Statham is almost as expendable as the character he plays in the upcoming Sly Stallone flick, The Expendables 3. It was shooting a scene for that very movie recently that saw The Transporter actor almost DIE as the stunt went badly wrong… Statham does all his own stunts and found himself driving a truck when its brakes failed and he hurtled 60ft off a cliff!

Expendables Premiere

Statham, along with his (many, many) co-stars at The Expendables 3 premiere.

Director Stallone claims that had it have been anyone other than Jason driving, they would have died. Why? Well, because he used to be a professional diver and was able to jump out of the truck as it came crashing down into the sea.¬†Don’t believe us? Well, here is the man in his pre-Hollywood days, diving in the Commonwealth Games:


Weird, huh?! Still, we’re glad of Jason’s aquatic past. It means we can look forward to plenty more popcorn fodder from the man.