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Russian Teens Turn Their Parent’s Living Room Into a SWIMMING POOL!!!

Is there a word for something that’s both BRILLIANT and yet ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLY STUPID at the same time? Only if there is, instead of the words you’re currently reading, we should really just copy and paste that word a thousand times for this story. Picture the scene, a gang of teenagers in a city just outside of Moscow are caught up, like everyone else, in the city’s heat wave. But, unlike everyone else, they decide to make their own swimming pool. Using one of their living rooms.

SERIOUSLY. Take a look:

Ukrainian Living Room Swimming Pool (1)

Temperatures soared to an usually high 36C, so the kids were left with no other choice (obviously). They lined the floors and walls with polyethylene film, taped it up and got out the hose…

Ukrainian Living Room Swimming Pool

It’s not known whether they had permission for the project, but let’s be serious about it… OF COURSE THEY DIDN’T!

Ukrainian Living Room Swimming Pool

This is probably the absolute epitome of the the idea of ‘thinking outside the box’, isn’t it?

Ukrainian Living Room Swimming Pool

The lads posted the photos on Russian social networks, but didn’t reveal quite how they planned to get the water back out again!

Ukrainian Living Room Swimming Pool

Nor did they mention whether any of them got busted for it!

Ukrainian Living Room Swimming Pool

Still, it’s pretty enterprising. We hope they got away with it. We also hope they didn’t split the film at all when swimming about…

Ukrainian Living Room Swimming Pool

Well done, boys. We lovin’ your style. Молодцы!

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Written by Boredom Bash

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