Young Cancer Patient Lacey Holsworth Wins Heart Of Adreian Payne

This story is enough to make anyone reach for some tissues. A few years ago, there were fears that 8-year-old Lacey Holsworth may never walk again. But tonight with her hero Adreian Payne by her side, she did just that.

Several years ago Payne and Lacy were introduced after he and the rest of the MSU basketball team made a visit to her at the hospital. Lacy was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a large tumor in her abdomen that is wrapped around her spine, causing paralyzation for a few months.

Shortly after meeting Payne, Lacey has regained her ability to walk and was on the road to being cancer free, but sadly the cancer returned and she is still battling it today.

During his senior speech, Payne thanked Lacey and her family and asked all Michigan State fans to Pray for her.

When Lacey was asked about her friend, she replied “I just think of him when I smile”.

**UPDATE** 09/04/2014 Sadly little lacey has passed away after losing her battle with neuroblastoma. May she Rest in peace.

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Written by Team Bash

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