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Misty Copeland Was Told She’d Never Make It – Now Look At Her! This Is Truly AMAZING…

If you’ve never really paid much attention to ballet, you probably just think it’s just a few skinny women jumping about a bit in pink tutus. But, as the video below demonstrates, there’s so much more to the art of ballet than that. The skill, hard work, talent, grace and athleticism required to make it as a top ballet dancer is almost unbelievable. American ballerina Misty Copeland shows all of those traits in this incredible solo routine. It’s an ad for US sports clothes manufacturer Under Armour and it NEEDS to be seen!

Watch in awe as you consider that Misty didn’t take up ballet until she was 13, an age where most dancers have been well and truly schooled for years. Everyone told her to give up, she’d never match the experience of her rivals. But she didn’t give up. And now look at her:


How fantastic, is that?! Please share Misty’s inspirational story with everyone you know!

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Written by Boredom Bash

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