These Kids Hook Their Moms Up To Lie Detectors And The Results Are Priceless

Suppose that you could ask your mom anything and she had to tell the truth. What would you ask her? Have I lived up to expectations? Who was your first boyfriend? Was I an accident?! Or perhaps you wouldn’t ask her anything at all. There are some things you’d rather not know about your parents, right?

Well, not for these guys. They hook their moms up to a lie detector on Mothers Day (great present, guys) and ask them some of the most personal questions you could imagine! Nothing is off limits. Personally, I’d rather not know my mom’s most revealing secrets, but hey, we’re all different!

That said, the video is hilarious and fascinating in equal measure. We like to think that our parents are asexual and well behaved. Nothing could be further from the truth, it seems.