How To Make Your Own Syringe Needle Shooter!

We’ve a really cool ‘how to’ tutorial for you here. If you want to extend your arsenal of desktop weaponry, then you’ll be wanting to see what VinciVideo has come up with. With just a few adjustments to a syringe and needle, you can make your own ‘syringe needle shooter’. It’s a dart with phenomenal accuracy and can fire up to a hugely impressive fifteen metres! Vinci not only shows you how you can create your needle darts, he also demonstrates just how fast and far they can go. You can even laser sight them!

WARNING: If you’re going to attempt to make your own syringe needle shooter, do be careful. And always check you’ve got them all back once you’re finished using them. You don’t want unaccounted for syringe needles about your house!

If those instructions shot across your screen too fast like a super-powered syringe dart, don’t worry. You can see full instructions on how to make syringe needle shooters here!

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Written by Boredom Bash


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