Tesla’s Awesome Autopilot Function Stops This Driver From An Enormous Accident!

Teslas are really quite extraordinary vehicles. They’re premium, luxury electric cars that drive like sports cars but are environmentally sound. The firm are really pushing the boundaries of automotive design, and not just with their energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction. Teslas now even have autopilot!

Semi-autonomous driving is an alien concept to most of us and it’s something which has caused plenty of debate and worry. But to see it in action? It’s actually pretty breathtaking. A recent incident that almost certainly would have seen an accident with the Tesla going straight into another car that had lost control was averted due to autopilot. And the on-board camera caught it all!

Witness what happened and then maybe think about getting yourself one of these bad boys…

Intrigued by Tesla’s awesome autopilot function? Here’s a demonstration on how it all works:

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash

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